Review of Jamie’s show in Brazil tonight from MTV

Jamie Cullum was greeted loudly by the audience. Sitting at the piano and back to the audience, he opened the show with ‘I’m All Over It. ” Winner of Grammy and Brit Awards, among other awards, the musician recognized for his talent in jazz called the chapel of the crowd and was faithfully attack.With an impressive stage presence and whiskey, he stood on the piano. Wearing a black sneakers full of brightness, Cullum will not let anyone down. It took two songs for the hyperactive and clumsy dancer playing the jacket away. Then, the Englishman dropped a bit of guarana in the ditch, filled the can with whiskey and toasted the crowd, who fell to his grace and clapped when he began the fourth song of the show – started by the Funeral March – ‘Twentysomething’, with a cello solo that could creep up to the least sensitive.With a leap and a near fall, he disguised himself and came out laughing without losing balance. At this point, the shirt was also stop at any corner of the stage. It was after this that he began playing a version of à la Cullum ‘Do not Stop The Music’ from Rihanna, doing justice to his jazz improvisation on the piano. At the same song, he makes a new sound beating with hands on the wood of the instrument and sends a beatbox.

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