*Jamie Cullum World Flag* – Fan Project

I thought I would re post this as Caroline is going to Kew Gardens on Friday 8th July, and so she can collect your flags there if you are going and wish to take part.

A great Jamie project, being organised by Caroline!

Hey there fellow Jamie Cullum fans!

I know that there are always lots of fan projects going on for JC but I thought I´d tell you about my idea anyway.


The only other musicians I listen to besides JC are Keane. Around this time last year I got to know a lot of other Keane fans when I registered to their forum. In July I came up with the idea of the World Flag and I had tons of people join my project which means this became a rather big success. I´ve collected 32 flags so far, over 175 people signed those flags and the whole flag is already too big, so that I can´t lay it out in my room anymore. And more flags are coming…

So since this idea worked out quite well with the Keane fans, I thought the JC fans might be just as excited about this project as the Keane fans were.

The idea behind this project is simple: I´m going to collect flags from around the world. Once I have them all, I´ll sew them all together, so we have one huge World Flag in the end. The individual flags should have some kind of message for Jamie (and the band or Sophie&Lyra – whatever you want) written on it and of course your name/signature.

Plus, for the Keane flag, I´m planning on making a photo album. So if you want that for the JC flag too, I need your pictures. Which means, once you signed your flag, please take a picture of you and your flag (maybe some place special ) and send it to me.

The whole point is of course that we can give the flag and the photo album to Jamie some time.

Here´s an overview of the “rules”:

1. The size of the individual flags should be around 30×45 cm. Of course it can be a little bigger or smaller. It always depends on how many people are going to sign one flag. But please don´t make it too big (if you´re not sure what size your flag should be, please ask me!).
2. I´m collecting all the flags. So once you bought your flag, signed it and sent me your picture, I´ll send you the address to which you can send the flag.
3. Of course we can have more than one flag from each country. And it´s totally up to you if you want to share your flag with someone or if you want to sign one by yourself. The more flags, the better…
4. Don´t forget to put your name and the date on the flag.
5. The e-mail address for the pictures is jc.flag@yahoo.com
Please make sure you send your pictures in a JPG-file!!! I´ve had some problems with PNG-files…
6. There will be a deadline some time but since I don´t know yet how many people want to participate, I won´t set a deadline yet.
7. Any other questions, comments or suggestions?

Alright, I think that´s it. If you have any questions or anything regarding this project, please contact me here, on FB (Cullumholics group), on twitter (Caroline_Vt) or via e-mail (jc.flag@yahoo.com).

I hope that at least some of you are going to join cos I really think that´s it´s a nice way to show Jamie how much we all love his music!

All the best and take care guys,


PS: Here´s the link to the photo album of the Keane flags. Maybe this will give you a better idea.


And here´s a picture of what the Keane flag looks like so far…



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