Jamie attends this years Radio Festival 2011 in Manchester

Today Jamie was on the panel for Celebrity to Radio Star at the Radio Festival 2011 in Salford, Manchester. Also on the panel was Robbie Savage, Michael Vaughan and Lisa Snowdon.


Photo Credit: RadioTodayLive

For those of us not lucky enough to be there, here is what the live feed said about Jamie from Radio Today Live

11:54 Quays Theatre: Jamie: I got into radio by stepping in on Radio 2 and I loved it.

12:07 Quays Theatre: Jamie about getting looked down on because they may not be as well trained: I think that in the same way as Robbie and Michael have played the game, I can talk to musicians in a different way and ask different questions that others may not be able to.

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12:10 Quays Theatre: Jamie on training: I did lots of training and mock shows and I now drive my own desk.

12:10 Quays Theatre: Jamie: If I’m not doing the show live, it doesn’t feel the same.

12:17 Quays Theatre: Jamie: Can bring the show to people from backstage at concerts and festivals, different countries and hopes his enthusiasm and insight into music is what he brings to the table.

12:23 Quays Theatre: Wrapping up the session now with Lisa, Jamie, Robbie, Michael and Victoria. It’s been a good one! A few questions first…

Check out the interview with Jamie below from Radio Festival Radio

Jamie at Radio Festival 2011 – Interview by Michelle Rogers


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