Interview With Jamie: Jazz And Pop Without Crisis

Keiny Andrade / AE - 05/09/2006

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The dilemma of the crossover does not lose any sleep over Jamie Cullum. In five albums (the next is in the oven) English singer and pianist, who owns a mélange of pop and jazz moves without crisis between stylistic boundaries, developing a more pop mix that Diana Krall, less jazz Esperanza Spaulding. The equivalent of a Norah Jones for the guys. Cullum, who comes to Brazil in May for the festival Natura We know how to play piano. Have a considerable vocabulary of jazz and is not afraid to engage in the bebop pop rock. During the process of recording their new album, the pianist spoke to the State about his hybrid identity and their musical tastes.

After all, you’re a jazzman-turned-pop star or an aspiring pop star-turned-jazzman?
I have to choose? I’m a jazz musician who grew up listening to pop, rock and hip-hop. For me, there is no need to separate the styles. Obviously, as a composer, I understand when people put me in a fixed category. But there are so many elements of jazz into hip-hop, the music of groups like A Tribe Called Quest and the Roots. There are so many elements of rock music of Herbie Hancock and Miles Davis as well as jazz harmonies are present in the compositions of singers like Jeff Buckley and Nick Drake, of groups like Steely Dan, REM and other rock bands. In my mind, everything fits perfectly. And spent the last 15 years of my life happy not having to separate things

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