Interview with Jamie in the Radio Times

Photo credit: Radio Times

Written by Craig McLean

“The jazz musician on hanging out with Amy Winehouse and waking up with Sophie Dahl”

Why would pint-sized, piano-twanging jazz sensation Jamie Cullum get involved in another talent-spotting contest after the chastening experience of being a judge on last year’s short-lived Sky1 reality show Must Be the Music? And not just any old talent show – but one that’s a marketing exercise for a pizza chain.

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With five million record sales worldwide, heaps of critical acclaim, a supermodel wife and a hugely popular Radio 2 show, he can’t be doing it for the money?

“I got involved because this particular venue, and also all the little restaurants I’ve played up and down the country, have given me a great deal,” replies the Essex-born, Wiltshire-raised singer/songwriter.

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