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The last time saw Britain’s most successful jazz act he was backstage at a sold-out gig by French singer Camile, battering out a rhythm on a brick wall. Jamie Cullum has always been far more avant-garde than his radio-friendly personna would suggest – which is why everyone from Pharrell Williams to Clint Eastwood rates him so highly. A long-time GQ favourite, he is now in the process of recording his sixth studio album and raising his first child with model/author/gourmand Sophie Dahl. But sitting in a deserted Kensal Green pub, he’s the one asking the questions, at least at first: “Do you have an incredible code that you put into Mr Porter that means you can get a million pounds off each purchase?” (Sadly, we do not.) Here Cullum discusses meeting Sherlock, Winehouse karaoke and the most disgusting fanmail he’s ever received…

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Jamie Cullum: A recent one I’ve just written which seems to work really well in the song: “You can’t always explain the behaviour/Of another forgotten ex-raver”. It’s a song about friends you have that still think it’s 2001 and haven’t quite moved on in the same way everyone else has. They’re always demanding, “Why can’t you come to this warehouse tonight?” 

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