Interview with Jamie Cullum – ‘Am I The Headliner, Really?’ from ‘Metro’

A new interview with Jamie ahead of his FREE gig at Parkpop on the 26th June. Roughly translated for you below.

Jamie Cullum – Netherlands feels like a second home. In 2004, the jazz artist broke through on the North Sea Jazz Festival and since then he’s not here to stay. The thirty-to-something father working on his new album and is seen on June 26 Parkpop in The Hague. “Believe it or not, the best show I’ve ever given was in Paradiso.”

You’re the headliner at Parkpop.

“Am I the headliner? Really? That’s great! I’m not often headline a pop festival. This shows once again how cool you are Dutch. ”

Are you going to surprise us with something? For example, a new number?

“No idea, I always get a set list so for me, every performance a surprise. But I always try to do something new. If I, by then, a few songs for my new album I’m happy enough, I will definitely play them. ”

We have to wait long for your new album?

“I am, as we speak, doing. I hope it will be released this summer. My previous albums were very varied. This album is more focused on a particular style songs. I feel more focused in my life. “


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