Gig review: Jazz in Vienna, Jamie Cullum puts on a show

Written by F.Bruckert – Le

Bouncing, bouncing, the young crooner English reconciles jazz and pop with brilliance

Asked five days ago by Keystone Amazing Big Band, Cecil Mc Lorin gave us a brief glimpse of his talent as a vocalist. Back last night, along with the sextet of saxophonist Jean-Fran├žois Bonnel, she made a good impression on a set of standards by Cole Porter Revisited, Bessie Smith and James Moody. Themes anthology she said, stimulates the virtues, full of nuances, in a voice that has a real tendency to swing. Jamie Cullum succeeded it with “I’m all over it.” In the stands, the reaction was immediate. The British singer knows a lot in the art to exalt the public. A true showman, he redefines the aesthetics of jazz by reinterpreting the classic “I get a kick out of you” by Cole Porter with the sensitivity of Radiohead.

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