Fan review of Joe Simpson’s exhibition, which includes a portrait of Jamie

“Joe Simpson’s painting of Jamie Cullum is so real!!”

By Stephanie Wolfe

Joe Simpson’s exhibition “musician portraits” is absolutely awesome!  In central London, half way down Greek Street, Joe had made use of the huge empty space of a former library. He had painted the walls white & hung his large life-like portraits on the walls. This in itself showed great art, minimalistic in every way!

With the door wide open, the first portrait, on the right, was that of Jamie Cullum. What a portrait!  I had seen the portrait on the net, it looked good, but now seeing it in real life, it was stunning, I had a feeling Jamie stood there, opposite me with his hair ruffled, looking sheepish. .. Joe Simpson had captured something in Jamie that no photograph could, Jamie came to life, he showed warmth, and he showed character.

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I went close to the portrait, I stood right back… the texture, the many layers to achieve the skin colour, the wild untameable strains of his hair, the eyebrows, it all looked so touchingly real…I felt the inner soul jumping right out of the painting, and yet, I was aware of the quiet, unspoken Jamie there too…

I only know Jamie in real life from gigs, and from just before a gig, and I have always only seen him smiling. On this portrait, he showed his more serious side, and yet, you could see him almost breaking into a smile, his eyes showing the warmth that only Jamie can show…

The eyes of Jamie Cullum



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