Congratulations to Jamie Cullum & Folded Wing Productions on their awards last night!

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Ten golds for UK at New York Awards

And 12 Bronze Awards come back to this side of the Atlantic too – four for Radio 4-commissioned independent productions (Deep Cut, Composing New York, Britain On The Bottle and A Quiet Invasion); three for recently-named Indie of the Year Folded Wing (two for Jamie Cullum on Radio 2, the other for The Selector for The British Council); one for Bauer Media’s Radio City 96.7 (Top 40 Format category); one for GMG Radio’s Coronation Street At 50 documentary; one for Fiona Ritchie’s The Thistle & Shamrock celtic music show and one for the Flaps Podcast which is made by former BRMB duo Mark Newman and Elliott Webb.

Read the full article about the New York Festivals Radio Awards here

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