BBC Radio 2 Presents an Autumnal Festival of Entertainment

Since Jamie Cullum launched his jazz show on Radio 2 in April 2010, he has trawled the jazz world high and low for tunes and artists that he thinks the Radio 2 audience will enjoy. On Tuesday 20 September, he hits the jackpot, and talks with fellow jazz lover Metallica drummer, Lars Ulrich. Lars is a fan as his father was a jazz musician and Jamie loves heavy metal – what a brilliantly unexpected meeting of musical minds.

Jamie Cullum says: “Long before I was into jazz I was a fan of heavy metal music and I still enjoy a lot of rock and heavy metal today. Metallica are one band that really did it for me in my early days of becoming a music lover and they still do. I saw them live for the first time when I was 15 years old at the Donington Monsters of Rock concert and I’ve been a fan ever since. I’ve always been interested in the technical mastery it took to play both jazz and heavy metal. When I discovered Lars Ulrich, one of the founder members of Metallica, is into his jazz I had to get him onto my Radio 2 show.”

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