Are you ready for this years Cheltenham Jazz Festival? @cheltfestivals Which also sees the return of Jamie!!

The Cheltenham Jazz Festival is back!!

About Cheltenham Festivals

Cheltenham Festivals is a not for profit organisation, it is responsible for 4 festivals, the Music Festival launched in 1945, the Literature Festival launched in 1949, the Jazz Festival was launched in 1996 and the Science Festival in 2002.

The Cheltenham festivals generate £5.2 million to the local economy and creates 139 jobs.

Key fact from 2010

Cheltenham Festivals achieved record breaking sales and audiences in 2010 with Box office revenues reaching £1.49million, 14% up on 2009. Ticket sales were a record breaking 173,353 across all events

Following on from his great success last year, Jamie returns this year as Guest Director for the second year running. Plus Jamie will also be performing his own set. Having attended myself last year, I promise you, you wont want to miss this!!

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Jamie returns to the Cheltenham stage for a unique set of previously unheard music in a one off solo show. The master entertainer will doubtless be at his energetic best for this special performance with just him and his piano for company.

The Jazz Festival will run from 27th April – 2nd May, and if you are a member you can buy your tickets before anyone else from 21- 27th February 2011.

Just to give you a taster as to what The Cheltenham Jazz Festival is all about, click here for a short video that was aired on Sky Arts from last years 2010 Jazz Festival.


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