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MIQUEL JURY 28/11/2010

In memory of all stored music lover good concerts, some very good, but few, very few who deserve the label of unforgettable, the kind that are marked with the indelible “I was there.”

Well, last Friday some 2,000 people enthusiastically repeated the maxim: were there at the Palau de la Musica in Barcelona, the night erupted Jamie Cullum outpace all expectations, which were many and very positive.  The piano that explodes on the cover of his latest album fell short, the Friday was much more than a concert, and Cullum, much more than a stage animal radiating a contagious energy and exultant.

Jamie Cullum, in his repeated visits, he has deservedly earned a loyal audience in Barcelona.  On this occasion, of course, the Palau was packed to the organ to receive him.  And Cullum, who did not know the location, he was already in the sound test, trapped by the magic of the modernist stage. Nothing was the same: the British left totally committed, as if possessed by a supernatural force, not even his best known songs sounded like they were real guns that the public received in a state of ecstasy.  The feedback between the stage and the audience (that night were a single thing) reached maximum levels, with each topic Cullum delivery was greater and more enthusiastic audience response.

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The understanding reached its peak when all the musicians were at the center of the pit surrounded by a feverish Palau to offer without amplification Ellingtonian a memorable version of Caravan.  That began a brilliant final run that would need to invent new adjectives.  The public ended up, dancing, shouting and cheering to Cullum shed tears of emotion on his piano (and nearly did not appear and skillfully prepared and interpreted).

In the world of pop and jazz pianists today are better than Jamie Cullum, also best singers, not a great composer and his teenage hooligan appearance does not inspire confidence that (and when followed by three photographers that are supposed to part of the show, do not cease to immortalize their faces minimum).  Apparently does not stand out at all, but appeared on stage at the Palau and the world changed around him.  Sang, played the piano, banged, jumped over, jumped, danced, was hoarse and was even able to sing to the public without sounding sections Kumbaya.  If delivery is usually total, overwhelming, Friday was even more.  Domènech i Montaner probably also had its share of the blame, but the truth is that Jamie Cullum came to Palau as a great artist and two intense hours later left him become a being from another galaxy.

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