WERS 88.9 fm – Performance Wrap-Up: Jamie Cullum

March 15th, 2010

Any jazz fan would have enjoyed Jamie Cullum’s concert at the House of Blues. Although the venue was crowded with an audience of all ages, Cullum’s show was as intimate as a cozy jazz bar. The English pop star improvised on his piano in every song and interacted with the audience several times. He performed an entertaining set of his most popular songs and a few from his latest album, Pursuit, released last year.

The concert began punctually at 8pm when Cullum blasted in with high energy singing the cover “Don’t Stop The Music,” originally by Rihanna. He then went on to play a set list full of crowd pleasers such as “Get Your Way,” “Gran Torino,” and “London Skies.” From his new album he played “I’m All Over It” and “Wheels,” amongst others. The quality of the sound was sublime with the perfect dosage of smooth standup bass, brushy drums, and when called for, trumpet and saxophone. All of the members of Cullum’s band wore suit and tie which added to the jazzy environment.

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As a performer, he went beyond just playing and singing and was a comical character. In many instances he would stand on his piano stool and occasionally go on top of the piano. After he would jump off then continue to rock out by dancing and running across the stage. Cullum even beat boxed in certain songs like “These Are the Days”.

He interacted and joked with the audience the audience constantly. He promised an audience member holding the sign “Play at My Wedding” that he would do so and went on talking about his own wedding. In his British accent he remembered his past performances in Boston “The first time I played in Boston I played for five people, then the second time I played for 500. I guess I played for the right five people.”

With the splendid combination of modern jazzy tunes and high excitement, Jamie Cullum left with a happy crowd now looking to explore his new album Pursuit.

-Words by Samira Winter


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