Watch out X Factor… there’s a new kid on the block

By Kevin O’Sullivan 21/08/2010

AND now over to The X Factor’s plucky little rival Must Be The Music … where host Fearne Cotton declares: ­“Everyone across the country is plucking, strumming, singing and drumming.”

At least I think she said plucking.

But well done to the guys at Sky One for identifying all the things that are ­irritating about Simon Cowell’s ITV juggernaut… and eliminating them.

Even the famously excitable Ms Cotton has toned down for this nicely understated star search that doesn’t shout at us, doesn’t clumsily tug at our heart strings and doesn’t assault the ­nation with wall-to- wall Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey ­cover versions.

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Judges Jamie Cullum, Sharleen Spiteri and Dizzee Rascal are a class act.

Especially Mr Rascal, whose tendency to tell it like it is (rubbish, crap etc) dominates the proceedings to such an extent that exasperated Sharleen hisses: “What is this … the Dizzee show?” Er … yes.

But some real stand-out talent. And just enough comedy ­garbage.

Watch out Simon … there’s a new kid on the block.

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