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How strange and wonderful it feels to be playing and touring in the UK after all this time. It’s not that it feels so different making music here. It is more that you can combine traditional home comforts with the very familiar day to day touring regimen – your favourite newspaper, a proper bacon sandwich, tea, long drives through familiar and beautiful countryside, the BBC. It adds a familiarity to the madness that warms the soul.

Simple things.

Cheltenham Jazz Festival was a blast. A manic one at that. I managed, in one day, to introduce and perform with both Beady Belle and Fringe Magnetic, record all the interviews for the radio show, do my own show and stay up till 6am catching up with old friends in the bar to the sounds of young jazz musicians tearing up a makeshift bandstand.

What a pleasure to be able to influence the programme at this festival. Matt Calvert’s Live soundtrack session on the Monday was one of the most inspiring things I have seen for a long time. He is a jewel of a talent. His pieces were interwoven with some silent movies including the surreal mastery of Georges Melies. They rubbed against each other like tindersticks. Truly magic.

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This was all prior to playing in a bus depot in Bremen – a T-Mobile Street Gig. Germany is swiftly becoming one of my favourite places to play. The perfect balance between listening and going mental. So much of what happens on stage comes from the audience.

A fan gave me a handpainted scaled down model of Wilson (see Australian Tweets). I have great fans.

I am unfashionably grateful.

My suitcase will remain packed for many months. A tardis of random items, shifting and morphing as things are lost and bought with the consistency of the seasons.

Going tie shopping.

See you tonight/tomorrow/next week/next month.


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