Sat., March 13: Jamie Cullum brings classy jazz-pop to TPAC

Jamie Cullum’s classy croon and jazzy, piano-heavy style harks back to the classic pop of yesteryear, but you definitely couldn’t call him a “purist.”

The 30-year-old British singer-songwriter has taken on a number of modern pop hits, including Rihanna’s “Don’t Stop the Music,” which he outfitted with a swinging rhythm and brainy piano work.

Head-turners like that are balanced well with clever originals like the Billy Joel–esque belter “I’m All Over It” and snap-worthy nightclub fare like “Just One Of Those Things.”

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Cullum brings his diverse charm to TPAC’s Polk Theater (505 Deaderick St., 782?4000) on Saturday, March 13.

Tickets are $35-$45 through, TPAC box offices or by calling 782?4040.


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