Review: Valladolid engages the faithful with his fresh and daring jazz

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The English singer and pianist Jamie Cullum Valladolid engaged audiences with his jazz full of fresh and devoid of any hint of shyness, as they owned the stage with a hurricane unusual ease.

An entertainer in every rule that draws on the work of great jazz artists of the genre, such as Thelonious Monk, Nat King Cole, Herbie Hancock and Harry Connick Jr. Not surprisingly, provides gender modernity without forgetting patent undertake a graceful evolution in each of their jobs.

And you notice that their musical essence does not stagnate in jazz but goes beyond. It feeds on the trip-hop, pop and black music, all topped with original staging and, in the Huerta del Rey flags of Valladolid was punctual, starting with one of his best known songs, “Photograph” and with exceptional acoustics.

With a sleek black jacket but without abandoning their youthful, quasi teen, Jamie Cullum, sat at his piano and showed off his virtuosity and delivery on stage. The reward of just over half a billion people occupied the site was immediate.

He took off his jacket. Created much heat and I wanted to make a spectacle unmatched since it was up to the piano and jump from the same “I’m all over it.” A deployment unlikely for a song move that ushered in “Just One of Those Things”, with which exhibited the firmness of his voice. And that was allowed to drop some laughter between each word.

He took off his tie and his shirt. Was more than comfortable and burst into applause for his saxophonist, whose expertise briefly stole the limelight from Cullum, determined to give a wonderful piano recital. Twenty minutes overwhelming that culminated with some words in Castilian and a joke about how much it costs you pronounce “Valladolid”.

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They also sang Happy Birthday to his guitar and was a true monologue before becoming more melancholy with “All at sea”, by muting the public and creating a heady atmosphere and incessant continued with “If I Ruled the World.” He only had the pants and shirt.

Continued with “Twentysomething, A song more vigorous youth of which does not want to release, despite exceeding thirty. Subject that his side looked more rogue to traverse the stage and even encouraged to help your battery in the meter.

Once he told a story about a concert that stands out very well when he tried to jump his piano. He also told the story of when he threw a coffee at the computer in the Bahamas artist Rihanna, whose song “Dont stop the music” made a superb version.

To this followed “Mind Trick”, the romantic “What a difference a day made”, with which he returned to its most intimate and profound, which exploded with so many others like “High and dry” before close down to a sublime evening, with the delirious “Wheels” and “These Are The Days, which Cullum repeated tomorrow in San Sebastian.

Antonio Aragon

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