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Rough Translation

The winter has also reached, according to time conversion. We have the last day of October, the 31.10.2010, and it is typical North German Weather: Partly usually windy and on the streets of fog and bad horror movie. But it fits so well for Halloween. Our goal: Bremerhaven. Because there is today launching Jamie Cullum with the start of his tour in Germany. In the run came when we talked of that day, again and again the question: “Jamie who?” Well … One thing first: who was that evening in Bremerhaven, will have the name imprinted. Granted, Jamie Cullum is very special but somehow “genius” (a genius). But first things first ….

Short 20 clock before we go to the town hall in Bremerhaven. Illuminated with some nice blue effect lights – we experience the city hall. Quickly at the press counter checked in and after the security checkpoint directly up the steps and then back down the hall. It is quite well stocked – especially when we think of the reactions in the circle if the name of the artist fell. Unexpectedly, we meet old friends from Oldenburg. It seems that what we have to pay off the road on a Sunday evening to take on. A look around the room tells us, there is not the typical Cullum fan. Since everything is mixed. People next door …. Housewives …. Teens ….. Men in the business look ….. old and young.

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Already a few days we had to know who will play the opening act that night. The name “Nabiha” said our first not much. No matter. we are there generally unbiased. The audience apparently too. The light dims, and some people go on stage. Including the singer Nabiha. Elegant in dress funny afro hairstyle. That not only the appearance fits, we noted a few seconds later heard the first notes. Great! A true power woman who sings well with a lot of sense. This fits with the rest of evening. Definitely! Knapp 25min Nabiha spoiled the crowd with some of their songs. And we discover at the edge of the stage even Jamie Cullum. Advance we had already noticed on Facebook that he had met only a few days, the artist, in its capacity as opening act during his tour to the side. He was visibly impressed and “grooved” busy with. Can you understand 100%.

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