Review – Jamie Cullum snatches Coliseum @jamiecullum

In the beginning of the concert, Jamie Cullum promised to give fans a great show and an unforgettable evening. Sure enough, without fail, the musician snatched a esgotadíssimo Coliseum.

For those not familiar with Jamie Cullum noted that is a true prodigy. Despite the air of rebellious and mischievous kid, Cullum is all music and rhythm. In concert today, came to indeed complete, but his attitude, little worthy of a Frank Sinatra or any other reputable entertainer, not the left get so much more time. Jamie is a true rockstar who unleashed pounding whenever he can, leaves everything on stage and give it all to music. There is therefore no wonder that 20 minutes later Jamie is just a shirt, asking the public to ‘care for a sweaty pianist. ”

Cullum’s music is much more than what the radio plays. From jazz to swing, with molten rock in perfect balance and a stunning pop sensibility. And the band that accompanies it, this has tics that can boast a big-band jazz of the typical American. Heard that even in ‘Get Your Way’, taken from Catching Tales. Jamie got rid of the tie, shirt and jacket to throw a piece of pure jazz for a while made the New Orleans Coliseum.
Throughout the concert was visible to the dedication of Jamie, all he smiles every time he faced the audience. But if there is something amazing in the UK is the ability to shoot now that the purest jazz, sometimes the pop. ‘Do not Stop The Music “reflects this: disposable pop jazz turned into a memorable moment and delicious. And if there were doubts the capabilities of this little great man, ‘Twenty Something’ dispelled them. ‘Too old to play’ that song that is mixed with a funeral march, culminated in an exercise eminent jazz, superbly complemented by the band, such as the rules of jazz.

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The first time most unusual was a major highlight of the night: Jamie Cullum alone on stage to do … beatbox. And tell by the way he did in an exemplary fashion, in ‘Frontin”. ‘We Run Things’ has highlighted once again the intimate dialogue between jazz and rock band and ended with a frantic Jamie on congas, and then proceed to one of the most memorable moments: the edge of the stage, singing a capella, in unison with the Coliseum. ‘Wheels’, removed the new “The Pursuit”, Cullum was perfectly comfortable in the pop of the new decade, with locking Coldplay. The moment that ‘the band feared that went badly for being played on a different scale’ predecessor ‘I Get A Kick’, just driven by a frenzied bass.

And as the saying goes, it was the best for last. Jamie and his band went down to the small hallway that separates the audiences for playing a superb and intriguing version of “Cry Me A River ‘, originally from Justin Timberlake. Almost all of it sung a capella, helped only by the microphones of the instruments in the center of the Colosseum. For the encore and the audience already out of chairs, another theme of the new album ‘Mixtape’ with a feeling a la Arcade Fire and ‘Gran Torino’ with Cullum on piano alone. A fabulous interpretation of “Wind Cries Mary ‘by Jimi Hendrix, closed a concert of nearly two hours, which left Lisbon surrendered to the talent of Jamie Cullum and his band. As promised, the night was unforgettable.

Text: Anthony Matos Silva

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