Review from tonights show in Berlin

I do love these German to English translations lol

“It is small, with Strubbelfrisur and silver glitter sneakers and jumps forward to his Yamaha grand piano, before the first song is ever finished: Exactly, jazz pianist Jamie Cullum is back in good old Berlin, which he loves so much as he the entire night was tired of stressing.

Although, no showman, he speaks at the start of his concert at the Tempodrom not, is only the brief statement: “. We talk later, I enjoy it just too much to be back in Berlin” Tell it, skin into the keys, sings his hits, as the cover of Rihanna’s “Do not stop the music”, and in between there are jam sessions with his band, Jamie is sitting at the piano, is at the piano, runs to the edge of the stage, takes off his shirt, humming into the microphone, screaming into the Micro and use it to the beat boxing – he is a born entertainer.

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Between the songs that fall somewhere between jazz, pop and soul, it makes especially declarations of love: “We Berlin love, we love Germany” He explained that his cellist was caught in Berlin because they have learned here know someone ” That does not surprise me in Berlin, there are only beautiful people – it’s a very nice looking city, “Thanks for the compliment, Jamie! We give you back, “You have this ability, Jamie Cullum, to make your performances no big show, and that is why your concerts are such a wonderful big show. Once again.”



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