Review from Jazz Fest Wien!

Review from Jazz Fest Wien! (translation)

Jamie Cullum – 30.05.2010 Austria Center

A concert to rock with jazz, this is something for the really big ones, the masters of the tray. Jamie Cullum is one of them. And he opened the Vienna Jazz Festival with a concert that was completely happy.

Here we go! Here we go! For it is again: no, this must be the Round Square, and not of the World Cup is mentioned, but from the beginning of Jazz Fest Wien. The call came, and my plumpness is again cheerfully push through Vienna Türeckigkeiten and sink before and after so many round CD-Silberling in techno corner of the player to prepare for the concert impression or to deepen. Under the Sign of Jazz Fest Wien hearing can even change direction, and because of the Feast of the World Cup began this time with a popular figure with one month earlier, and then, after a durchzustarten month mandatory break in July full.

The young Englishman Jamie Cullum, everybody’s darling, and particularly of younger women whose mothers and piano manufacturers who are happy when his hard attack one of their instruments so ruined that once a new to be purchased must be opened this year of the jazz festival with a concert, the 20th anniversary year was more than worthy. When he had originated a somewhat larger West bag, the little pianist and singer hopped on stage. “He may be small, but he rocks the house better than many large” says an enthusiastic Mitwippende next to me, and she has right: Within minutes, he manages and his fabulously-rehearsed band, the audience of a wave of enthusiasm by the next to hunt. Yes, it’s true, the sales of his CDs to make him a giant in music recording, and the millions who only bought his debut album that has a large proportion are in the sold-out United Center, because after each top chord is the sort of applause to hear that suggests familiarity of the audience with the music. Each applause can grow Cullum, he goes out of itself, waddles and dances, with the help of the audience is growing beyond itself into a public Gigantöse magician, the audience also sings songs and song perfectly complemented lines, he needs only to hint. The piano, which, in a visual before the start of the concert has already threatened the destruction is, as it told me insanely easier than leaving the end of the concert, including the Cullum band stage and in the midst of the audience a version of the Julie London classic “Cry Me A River” give to the best of the piano spared the worst, but at the same time drives the passion to extremes. “He’s a nice guy, but to be quite a libertine,” whispers it to me easier. “A few minutes break, I can well use. After that, I’m ready again for all crimes, “it giggles and then a version of” The Wind Cries Mary “in memory of Jimi Hendrix once again to give everything.

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accommodate a truly wonderful opening concert at which it succeeds Cullum, a round of pop-in Bulky Eckigen of jazz to reconcile physical force with an intellectual joy of music. Yes, and it’s true that have set as the photographers after the first three songs, their craft, make suit jacket and tie, the shirt with animal design space. The little man can be very large and wild animal. Rock me, Cullum – and in which city starting this fits better than in Vienna, where it was already “Rock me, Amadeus”?
All around happy people take the show on the road in their “little boxes,” to the subway and in their homes. The round must be in the Square, and on Wednesday it is practically a second opening concert, next: Bobby McFerrin will perform with the jazz choir Fribourg his project “VOCAbuLariesS”, and that will be a round thing, as can be seen in the sample report to be , who will still be read before the concert here. So care if it, now here is: “Sing-a-long with Bobby!”
Harald Justin
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Harald Justin


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