News I have been waiting for!! Details on the video for “Remember When” ft Jamie Cullum – I can’t wait to see it now!!

The video depicts English Jazz-Pop sensation Jamie Cullum as a young street musician trying hard to further his career by busking in the subway and on the street.

On this particular day, he packs up his equipment and heads for the train home with a tried gait. He sits down and relaxes on the train only to find a girl sitting straight across wearing a dress buttoned up till the neck, she’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. Being a shy person, he looks away every time she looks at him until the train approaches his stop where he gets off. As the train is pulling away the girl looks right in his eyes and gives him the most amazing smile – he feels awful and he wants to tear the doors wide open but it’s too late, train has gone!

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Jamie returns everyday at the same time for three weeks but the girl never shows. Until, one night after finishing playing he’s in the subway, the train doors open and a woman comes in – we only see her feet but Jamie gives off an incredible smile.

The narrative is intercut with Jamie and Sander’s performances in the street and in the subway to make this a video.



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