New Era of Jazz write up – with reference to Jamie Cullum

Jamie Cullum

To say that most contemporary attention to the integration of jazz and various musical styles game is best played superb jazz musicians, certainly from the British jazz first few magical boy Jiemikalun (Jamie Cullum). When his debut in the United Kingdom no less than the world of music caused a sensation Norah Jones the year is the eight in a handful of Grammy Awards . Jamie Cullum in 2004 in the traditional Jazz label Verve released its debut album “Twentysomething” three months exceeded 1 million in sales performance , and even became the fastest selling UK jazz album in the history , he also Crowned as ” the best-selling British jazz artist , ” the throne .

Jamie Cullum to play jazz in fact been controversial, because his performance was indeed an anti- tradition , unlike the general impression that fans and beautiful soft relaxing jazz . He will perform the process of channeling a sudden jump in to play the piano , the audience surprised . Jamie Cullum and his music is wonderful mix of contradictions , for example, a strikingly with the ” Lord of the Rings ” hobbit characters about the same baby face , he was able to sing a mature sophisticated jazz tone even slightly vicissitudes ; and For example, in their love of the last century, four 50 ‘s Swing Jazz style incorporating these modern pop and rock music, like his old love with the shoes to the dress style suits and lining , as is so the mash .

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Although Jamie Cullum looks like an anti- jazz tradition, in fact, his jazz roots still quite orthodox . He started from the year-old fell in love with jazz fanatic , in particular, to worship famous Oscar Peterson piano (Oscar Peterson) and Dave Brubeck (Dave Brubeck) and other legendary jazz master , and even 16 -year-old age, Early to go to Paris , and in some jazz club musicians honed their skills , laid a very solid jazz foundation .

For the new generation , the ” mashup “is” cool ” a synonym . Jamie Cullum really good time to cool jazz . He will also cover Jazz Standard, but basically you do not recognize what his first cover of the original , since it got a bad disguise , but a start when Jamie Cullum , who can say that this is not jazz it ? In his new book , ” Pursuit “(The Pursuit) , the sound that maneuver with ease of transfer , free-spirited improvisation piano , as well as intense emotional excitement , is very spiritual with jazz . In short, the piano playing is beautiful enough , sang it freely enough , too full of innovative ideas , the young talent can be considered almost perfect.

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