New BBC Radio 2 Blog from Jamie: Interviewing Dave Brubeck

10:30 UK time, Monday, 29 November 2010

It was such an honour to spend time with Dave Brubeck let alone interview him at the Newport Jazz Festival. There are a few figures in the world of jazz who are still around who pretty much created the music and Dave Brubeck is one of them. Such an important figure and a great, great guy.

We went over to his hotel one morning while we were at the Newport Jazz Festival and we sat down with him at his hotel and the whole thing felt more like a conversation. It was so interesting to hear his stories of how he got started and his time in the war. He’s just an extraordinary musician and he just comes over as a phenomenal man, a family man, a great sense of who he is but also who he is in his family as well.

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He’s been married to his wife Iola for 67 years and what really transpired in the interview is a lot of that stuff people know him for, Take 5 and It’s A Raggy Waltz and that whole Time Out album, he’s been developing and creating his music for his entire career right up until the current day. He’s writing ballets, he’s writing entire masses for church. An incredibly interesting musician who’s never stood still a day in his life.

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