“Must Be The Music” Preview show 8th August 2010!!!

Sky1 HD is searching Britain and Ireland for the best new music acts buzzing with unique talent, style and material. Fearne Cotton will front the epic quest with three stellar judges who know all about making real music: the current golden boy of the British music scene Dizzee Rascal, multiple award-winning singer, pianist and multi-instrumentalist Jamie Cullum and a singer and songwriter who has sold over 20 million albums worldwide, Sharleen Spiteri.

From rock to pop, to rap, to classical, to any music genre, the successful acts have the chance of winning a career-boosting £100,000 cash fund and performing in front of a massive audience at one of the UK’s biggest and most famous music venues. Open to all musicians and singers of any age, any style, with any song, the unique new format of Must Be The Music hands back control to the artists themselves, empowering them with creative support and promotional advice.

Dizzee, Sharleen and Jamie will be combining their expertise from their wide-ranging musical backgrounds to discover the most talented acts for the live semi-finals and ultimately find a winner who will be performing centre stage. Over the coming weeks you’ll get to see all the best auditions from London, Manchester and Edinburgh.

Once we’ve introduced you to the best musical acts, be they gospel choirs, indie rock bands, rappers or soprano singers, their fate and future careers are in your hands as you join the judges in supporting real music. You’ll play a major role in deciding who will appear on stage at the live final by voting for your favourite act through your phone or with the red button on your Sky remote. To get your vote, the acts will not only be giving their best performances, but also building a huge fan base through innovative online campaigns with their websites and sites like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and Twitter.

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You’ll also have the chance to download all songs performed by the acts after each show through iTunes and Sky Songs and become a dedicated fan with T-shirts branded for each of the semi-finalists, with the net profit going straight to the acts themselves.

The Must Be The Music website is the ultimate guide to the show. Visit the site for a 24/7 experience with regular updates, exclusive videos, interviews, articles, backstage features, downloads and an upcoming iPhone App that will keep you updated on the move. Plus, our new groundbreaking ‘two-screen experience’ will let you follow the live action on your TV screen whilst interacting and chatting with fans here on the site, with all comments about the show from social sites displayed on one page. And if you only have a computer to hand, then you can still head here for a live online feed of the semi-finals!

Don’t miss the preview show on 8th August on Sky1 HD – Live it. Breathe it. Play it. Must Be The Music.

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