Jamie’s new @BBC_Radio_2 blog is up – Albums Of The Year

As you know Jamie has his very own blog on the BBC Radio 2 website. Read his latest entry here.

Gregory Porter – Water

Finally! Another jazz singer with chops and soul to sit alongside the mighty Kurt Elling. I am so excited about this artist. Originals, offbeat covers, a superb band and a voice both elastic and soulful.This record is effortless and bursting with class.

Vijay Iyer – Solo

A curiously modern record despite being traditional solo jazz piano. Vijay manages to say a great deal in short spaces of time, and has appeared to develop a soloing style that seems steeped in jazz history one minute and reinventing it the next. There are rough edges too and a lack of flashiness that contributes strongly to the strong emotional heart of this deeply, deeply satisfying record.

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