Jamie features in new Nintendo TV campaign @jamiecullum

Mario is 25 years old today (Monday 13 September). Or, at least, he’s been “Super Mario” for 25 years.

Games geeks will know that he first made his d├ębut as “Jumpman” in the 1981 arcade machine Donkey Kong. But, he’s so famous, and has given us, on Pocket-lint, so much joy over the years that he can have two birthdays – like the Queen, or something.

Anyway, to celebrate, Nintendo has created a 25 year anniversary television advertising campaign starring a host of celebrity names who recount their greatest Super Mario memories. Jonathan Ross, Ant and Dec, and the Gamesmaster himself, Sir Patrick Moore, are but a few of those who take part.

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Another face for the ad, Jamie Cullum, states: “What I love about Mario is that he is consistent… he is consistently chubby, jumpy, interesting and red”. Sounds like Harry Redknapp.

The advert is screened for the first time tonight, at 8.45pm during Coronation Street on ITV.

And let us be the first to say happy 29th, er, 25th birthday Mario.

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