Jamie Cullum – THE PURSUIT TOUR in 2010 Germany

JAMIE CULLUM is a phenomenon! The first concerts in its “THE PURSUIT TOUR 2010“ Germany in late May / Early June were already sold out months in advance, additional for the still coming concerts in Hamburg (18.8.) and Bochum (21.8.) The same applies to report it, and in November last year released album “THE PURSUIT“ this country is already far above gold status beyond.

In total, more than four million albums sold and Grammy, Brit Award and two Golden Globe nominations to make the 30-year Songwriter, Pianist and singer for Britain’s most successful jazz artist of all time. Due to the large demand is JAMIE CULLUM in its „THE PURSUIT TOUR 2010“ in late October / Early November out for ten additional concerts back to Germany and from experience, one should not rather wait too long with the ticket purchase!

Although JAMIE CULLUM worked with such big names as Carole King, Burt Bacharach and Clint Eastwood and has worked also with the beatbox Chef Killa Coil or a hip-hop superstar Pharrell in the studio was: for JAMIE counts only the music. can catch yourself a rest and other cheap fame. Awards and superlatives are not, was JAMIE CULLUM drives – it is solely about, Making music, his requirements of a good enough song. That pretty much all the columnists in the world can identify with his view of them fully, is a happy coincidence. has in fact been very long time no jazz musician more so skillfully and relaxed shaken so many terrific songs from the sleeve, which he presented live ever so charming, as this would be a light finger exercise.

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“I will always described as a jazz musician, and I am honored, of course,. but ‚The Pursuit‘ I think is almost a rock album. In other words: If the album would be a person, would be the heart of jazz. But the skin, the bones and organs of pop, rock, Funk and Hip-Hop made. For me, these styles of music not so far apart, how many people think “, said JAMIE CULLUM about his understanding of music. “I think so, I will use this music can still create something new and fresh sounds. ”

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