Jamie Cullum – The Pursuit – Album review


April 16, 2010 01:00pm

THE Pursuit is joyously all over the place.

As a showcase of UK jazzman Jamie Cullum’s eclectic tastes, it is spot on: a dizzying array of styles and influences bonded together with boyish charm.

The pint-sized performer’s best new song is his most adventurous.

We Run Things is a tale of seizing control of a situation backed by the surprising addition of looped electronic noises – I’ll admit I thought the CD was skipping on a first listen but no; it’s just 20 seconds of drum ‘n’ bass-style trickery.

The album’s closing number is another nod to the dancefloor.

Music is Through could pass for epic house music but with live drums instead of computer programmed kicks, which is no surprise as Cullum and his brother both dabble in DJing.

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Each Cullum album has at least one highly unusual take on a pop song and this time it’s a cover of Rihanna’s Don’t Stop the Music.

With his gritty, broken vocal style, a better choice may have been Umbrella, however it is still great fun.

But where’s all the jazz?

Don’t fret, there’s plenty of that here too including a cheeky, brassy cover of Cole Porter’s classic Just One of Those Things.

5 stars


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