Jamie Cullum speaks on his marriage

British jazz-pop singer Jamie Cullum says his marriage to TV presenter and author Sophie Dahl has given him greater focus in his music.

The pair tied the knot in January, and Cullum has since been touring to promote his new album The Pursuit, with Dahl by his side.

Cullum says he’s delighted Dahl has been able to join him.

‘It’s great,’ Callum told AAP in Sydney.

‘When you’re married you’re supposed to be together right?’

Cullum credits Dahl, a former model and granddaughter of children’s author Roald Dahl, with rejuvenating his music.

One of his latest songs Love Ain’t Gonna Let You Down was written with Dahl specifically in mind, but Cullum says the relationship has affected all of his music.

‘You can’t really say it’s one song,’ Cullum says.

‘When something that important happens in your life, I think if you write one song about it, I think you’re not doing it a lot of justice.

‘What’s probably more interesting to say is that the changes in my life have affected all sides of the record.

‘It gives you a deeper focus on what’s important and I think that’s a great thing. And unavoidable I would hope.

‘Otherwise maybe you aren’t feeling it properly.’

Cullum released his first album in 1999, but it was his third in 2003 that propelled him into the spotlight.

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His fifth album The Pursuit was released in the UK late last year and Australia last month.

It has sold almost one million copies.

Cullum recorded the album, which includes a cover of Rihanna’s Don’t Stop The Music, in the US, with new producers and musicians to give it a fresh feel.

‘I’m not a novice in the studio. I’m not a novice with learning how to communicate,’ Cullum says.

‘None of it feels that new to me, so I wanted to make this album feel new.’

Cullum, who doesn’t perform to set lists, says he’s enjoying playing smaller venues in Melbourne and Sydney, including two performances at The Basement in Sydney on Monday and Tuesday (EDS: April 19 and 20).

He added he loves touring, crediting it for his international success.

‘I was lucky to have a great start. But you keep your audience by touring,’ Cullum says.

‘And going to play for people and having a good live show. I think that’s the secret.

‘You can try for radio hits, you can try for all different sorts of things, for me it’s always been about pitching up in a town and playing for a couple of nights.’

Cullum hopes to be back in Australia at the end of the year.


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