Jamie Cullum serenades his bride – AUDIO INTERVIEW

JAMIE Cullum may have a cunning new album out but he has just played his most important piece of music yet – serenading his new wife at their wedding.
The smiley jazz pop man began his year getting hitched to model Sophie Dahl in the snow, a few weeks after The Star asked him whether he was plotting something special for the big day.

“I haven’t thought about it, I’ll keep you posted on that one,” was all he would say on the subject. He was also coy about the date as “some time next year, we’re working on that” but the gossip magazines and tabloids recently confirmed they had wed in private and composed something for the occasion.

Right now, though, the musician is back preparing for his first tour in five years, including a date at Sheffield City Hall on May 18, although he does admit love has inevitably infused some of the new tunes he’ll be bringing, including the cute Love Ain’t Gonna Let You Down.

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“I thought I was super original by saying it was the first love song I had written, then I heard Robbie Williams say almost something exactly the same.

“At the risk of being vague about it I think the point is that you do experience things you think you know about differently throughout your life and that’s obviously something that I have experienced in a different way than I have done before so of course it’s going to come out in a song, it would be impossible for it not to.”

Listen to the audio interview here

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