Jamie Cullum dances in shorts on the piano

Bochum / Witten. Jazz musician Jamie Cullum settled on Saturday night at the Ruhr Festival Tent Fans celebrate the. Not only because he has great concert given one, also because he one day before his 31st Birthday celebrated.

A gray T-shirt, plus a short black pants and thick white sneakers. The bustling hair. So, no. Well, not really. In this outfit you are not a jazz concert. As you seek out the suit from the closet and his tie binds properly. Actually. But not when to Jamie Cullum is, comes from England and suddenly entered a tent where there are stuffy, humid and well over 30 degrees. Since it is entirely legitimate for Jamie Cullum on Saturday evening during his appearance at the Ruhr Festival tent looked like he had just come out of the pool.

‘There are not many concerts in which I allow it to me, in shorts to go on stage, calls Jamie Cullum to the people at a packed tent at Kemnader lake. As it turned out quickly, the heat was not the only reason for Cullum casual summer outfit. “I had birthday yesterday and as I have ruined the last of jeans,” says Cullum. 31 years old and he has become, well, he knew also that he looked much younger. “Sometimes I think people for 12” There was a “Happy Birthday” from the audience.

With beer on stage. “Cheers!”

Whether 12 or 31 It is clear that Jamie Cullum is now the most successful British jazz musician of all time. Four million albums sold, a Grammy, a Golden Globe BritAward and two nominations – the little Jamie Cullum (1.60 m, it is short) is a big in the music business. Also in November, released his fifth album “The Pursuit” sells very well.

With “I’m All Over It,” the first single release of his new album began his concert Saturday night at Jamie. It quickly became clear that sitting still is not for Jamie. Impressive, as the Briton plays the piano – sometimes sitting, sometimes standing sometimes jumping. In “Just One of Those Things” he suddenly stood on the piano and danced up there like others in the disco on the boxes. Was he once a piano, then he jumped and danced on the stage. After each song had to grab the towel Cullum, after half an hour, he ordered the first – and it remained the only – cold beer on the stage. “Cheers!”

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With its relaxed casual and humorous way Cullum tore the audience from the first song with. The people in the tent danced, sang, clapped and cuddled in the ballads – such as “If I Ruled The World” or “All At Sea” from their 2003 album “Twentysomething.” As Cullum then the jazz classic “What A Difference A Day Made” struck up, it was very quiet in the tent. “Everyone loves that song. He could sing on the moon and all are thrilled. “Enthusiastic fans were in the tent, no question.

Encores “Mixtape” and “Wind Cries Mary”

Although Jamie Cullum occurs as a jazz artist, it is understood the 31-year-old, to incorporate different musical styles. Rock, Pop and a bit to find electrical in his songs again. Cullum and his band of four worked before does not hectic schedule, but jammed and improvised with almost every piece. In “Twenty Something”, “Do not Stop The Music” or “I Get A Kick Out Of You” is begrudged the musicians long instrumental passages. Cullum was experimenting with different voices, spontaneously composed the lyrics. Clearly, from “Twenty Something” on “thirtysomething” was.

Two hours was Jamie Cullum, finally on stage. To 22 clock wet with sweat, he took his final encore, “Mixtape” and “Wind Cries Mary” by the fans. The celebrated jazz musicians with their favorite “Oh, oh, oh” chants to minutes later to call a long “Ahhhh” when she emerged from the stuffy tent and breathed for the first time the pleasantly cool air. A successful concert evening.

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