Jamie Cullum “brilha” no Coliseu dos Recreios

On the same night that Portugal received Carlos Santana and The XX, Jamie Cullum took the stage of the Coliseu dos Recreios in Lisbon. The guarantee the first part of the show were the English Sweet Billy Pilgrim, who presented him the room Lisbon, completely packed, with an acoustic concert.

Little was after 22 hours when Jamie Cullum came on stage to ‘kill’ the sound of ‘I`m All Over It’, his last album, ‘The Pursuit’. Searching the public gaze in the eyes and always with a friendly smile, the musician seemed to surprise the audience before which was quite red hot.

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With a visual informal – tennis, jeansJacket and shirt (after having been in t-shirt) – Jamie Cullum paraded mastery, energy and an enormous capacity vocal and instrumental. The second theme, “Get Your Way ‘, the musician was already to sing standing on the piano, and the short stature did not prevent him from shining.


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