Jamie Cullum “anxious” to return to work in Portugal in August

The singer and jazz pianist Jamie Cullum told Lusa he was “anxious” to return to work in Portugal, what will happen in August, in Albufeira, the program Allgarve.

The musician will perform in the Balaia Golf Village and “how will it happen”, since when he enters the stage, ensures not have a pre-alignment, preferring to choose the themes as the audience feels.

“In Portugal, where I know we have many fans, the public was a revelation,” the musician said referring to the show held last May at the Coliseu dos Recreios in Lisbon.

“A very diverse audience of all ages and knew the songs, sang them, gave a good replica,” he recalled.

“We were all eager and anxious to return to play in Portugal, a country that liked to know better, maybe take a vacation,” he said.

Portuguese music Jamie Cullum knows “something of Mariza,” but states “delighted” with a CD of fate that was offered with several “old names” especially Amalia Rodrigues, who considers “amazing.”

The musician will present in Albufeira the album “The Pursuit”, published earlier this year, which “reflects the influence of pop music.”

“Along with many jazz musicians I heard like Herbie Hancock, I heard very Beach Boys, Nirvama. And this album was trying to do justice to the influence of The Beatles, dance music and rap music, and try to see where this music was carrying my own music, “he said.

However, said “this sound more pop” that is observed in “The Pursuit”, was “by accident”. “I was playing the piano and the songs came to the fingers,” he said between laughs Lusa.

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The musician has argued that “the building songs” not follow a pre-established pattern. “Sometimes it begins the melody, sometimes just a title, sometimes it’s the lyrics that inspires us,” he said.

In any case the first test is always at the piano, “if the song happens, and appears well, we can think of other things, to add him strings, percussion or any other sewed,” Cullum said that besides singing, playing piano, guitar and “stomp box” (percussion).

Cullum stressed that it is not an “academic music” and everything he does and knows “is by instinct” and then “be all so natural, nothing studied, nothing planned.”

“I do what they feel good, and so are the concerts, not like that today is the same as yesterday or tomorrow, each stands on its own,” he said.

“During this tour I am doing in the United States found it extraordinary how people had fun and dance to my music,” he added.

This month has been launched in Portugal a CD / DVD in addition to the themes of the album “The Pursuit”, includes two new songs: “Gran Torino” and “Grace Is Gone” songs that make up the soundtracks of two films from Clint Eastwood.

The DVD brings together performances last year in jazz festivals in Montreux (Switzerland) and North Sea, in Rotterdam (Netherlands), and in the Sonar Festival in Barcelona (Spain) in 2008.


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