Jamie Cullum And ‘The Pursuit’ Of Jazz, New And Old

Jamie Cullum, pianist and singer, has sold more jazz records in the U.K. than any other British artist. Since his album Twentysomething was released in 2003, he’s sold more than 4 million records and been nominated for a Grammy and two Golden Globes. Now 30, he’s released a new album, The Pursuit.

On the new record, Cullum continues to be a pioneer. He writes his own jazz numbers, in addition to covering the standards. It’s this blending of the old with the new that attracts many young fans to his music.

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“All I’ve tried to do on this album is try to embrace that part of me that is a young man who does go out and do young-people things,” Cullum says. “I’ve tried to try to inject that in my love of music of the past.”

He also tackles some pop songs, like Rihanna’s “Don’t Stop the Music.”

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