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Jamie Cullum continues to create jazz music with a contemporary appeal. His latest album, The Pursuit, is large and boisterous with a sizable horn section, big background vocal support and tons of swing. Jamie’s voice is stronger than ever and his style pushes through multiple genres.

The album opens with “Just One of Those Things”, which sets the energy level incredibly high using its big brass segment and tons of sway. Flowing into the piano of “I’m All Over It”, Jaime shows the strength in his voice. The surrounding vocal support gives this song its serious depth. Defiantly a standout track on the album. Jamie includes his signature covers, such as the classically song “If I Ruled the World”, which he conducted in a classic soft approach. He truly lets his voice stand front and center on this track. Rihanna’s “Don’t Stop the Music” is also featured on the album, with a light café style which opens up into a stronger chorus. The song continuously fluctuates its tempo and strength, which creates an interesting take on the club banger.

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Some of the finer tracks display amazing instrumental talent, like “You and Me Are Gone”, which features an impressive lengthy piano solo.

Song Standouts
– I’m All Over It
– Don’t Stop the Music
– I Love This
– You and Me Are Gone

Grade: A-


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