Gig review: From Freiburg Concert Hall “Jamie Cullum is already one of the greats”

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Last night, it’s Jamie Cullum at the usual sovereign manner succeeded in the Freiburg Concert Hall with his charming Piano Art and hyperactivity number to delight fans in 1550. Was er gespielt hat, weiß Jule. What he has played, white Jule.

For the second time Jamie Cullum people already in the Freiburg Concert Hall as a guest. Come 1550, the Rolf Böhme Hall is almost sold out. Expectations are high, the lowest price ticket cost 48 euros at the box office.

First attempts Lauren Pritchard their delicate breathy songs into the microphone, the audience from the reserve to attract Freiburg. Her voice is good, the songs harmless, total performance is moving somewhere between nice and not care. Only Jamie Cullum, the entire song follows the edge of the stage, sitting behind a mixing console seems completely smitten. The first reaction of the audience is audible only when Pritchard TLCS Waterfalls covert and even the rap flawlessly luxus.

When Jamie Cullum enters the stage, the crowd in the hall is enthusiastic. The estimated 1.60 meters large London she has from the first song on the handle. Although the room is seating fully, quickly comes to a kind of rock concert feel. Cullum plays a mix of his own songs and set pieces known chart hits. Due to the weather is still a little “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow” mixed

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Who is a fan of YouTube mash-ups, will definitely this evening at his expense. Cullum is on the whole thing seriously entertaining, mixed genres, music styles and eras very confused, without embarrassing to be here. That he comes from jazz, is not to hear his enthusiasm for music seems not to be genre-dependent. “Do not stop the music” (originally by Rihanna) is multi-faceted to a pop song. Even Radiohead’s “High and Dry” and “The Wind Cries Mary” by Hendrix used in the interpretation of Cullum over no less convincing. The man is in his announcement as a British charmer. He somehow manages to such an intense bond to build an audience that is fully hall, despite the feeling, it would be after all the chanting to him for a pint in the pub next appointment with.

Every primary school teacher would Jamie without batting batting an Cullum ADHD attest, because in the nearly two hour concert, he jumps with no signs of fatigue across the stage, fidgeting behind his wings, drumming his fingers on something around with and sprayed a lot of good humor.

The concert ends with the title song of the Eastwood film “Gran Torino,” Cullum last year for a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song nominations was the for. Jamie Cullum is already one of the greats, not just now and this evening for a even very large

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