Geneva Gig Review: Jamie pays tribute to jazz mixed with the Geneva Arena via @sophiajazmina

Jamie Cullum was at the Geneva Arena on Sunday for a concert that has surprised many. As usual, the English delighted the audience with a performance in which jazz has met the hip hop, pop and rock, all in a harmony rarely reached. Fans of Jamie Cullum you say, likes to surprise the English and scan the labels we love him stick. Whether on his last album or during concerts, he is no exception to this custom. Exit the image of the crooner in a suit who spend two hours behind his piano to give a performance too bland for trying in vain to replicate the talent of a Cole Porter or Herbie Hancock. Jamie Cullum captures the essence of the legacy of jazz music and makes him take a bath in the fountain of youth. The concert at the Arena last Sunday as the only sufficient evidence.

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The first part of the evening was provided by the Franco-Senegalese Madjo . Only accompanied by a guitar, legs and voice trembling, she comes one step shy, “one evening before starting to sing. And suddenly, the silence in the room. No matter if the artist seems scared to play in such a large room (we will confirm it elsewhere between two tracks), his voice somewhere between the spectrum of Tracy Chapman and Ayo married his songs soothing and puts everyone in agreement. We immediately understand the title of revelation of the Paleo Festival Nyon 2010.

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