Folded Wing to produce weekly BBC Radio 2 Jazz Show with Jamie …

“Every time I’ve heard a radio programme or podcast that I loved in the last few years, it was nearly always Folded Wing who was behind it. They make wonderful, forward thinking shows that are always unique”
Jamie Cullum

We have been keeping it firmly under our hats for an age, but we can now finally announce that Karen Pearson and Folded Wing will be producing a new weekly jazz show for Radio 2, presented by Jamie Cullum.
The first broadcast of ‘Jamie Cullum’ will be on Tuesday 6th April at 19.00 GMT.

‘Jamie Cullum’ is a place where Jamie can share his love and genuine passion for music. It is about all types of jazz and music rooted in jazz. You’ll be hearing from the four corners; from the heritage and the history, to the new and the upcoming future face of jazz.

The show will be produced by Karen Pearson at Folded Wing. Jamie and Karen have worked together previously on projects including the BBC Electric Proms. Karen said “I’m excited to be a part of developing a new format for jazz on the radio, from live sessions through to features. It’s an amazing opportunity to embrace such a large audience and a great honour to be working with both Jamie and BBC Radio 2”.

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Jamie started broadcasting at a young age. His first stint as radio anchor came at the tender age of 14, hosting a Sunday lunchtime show on Radio Cracker in Chippenham, just five miles from his childhood home. It was four years later that he had his second stint as a young radio presenter, on Swindon FM, hosting a weekly show featuring all styles of jazz.

Into this century and for eighteen months Jamie presented a two hour Saturday morning show on the GCAP owned digital radio station ‘thejazz’, giving airplay to a wide range of different jazz sounds from around the world. He joined a long line of well known presenters on the station including Margherita Taylor, Jacqui Dankworth and Courtney Pine as listener figures grew to over half a million.


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