Fearne’s Article – It Really Must Be The Music Right?

It’s 8am my eyes are still sleepy and all I can think of is coffee. Then WAAAWAA UMMPHUMPH BOOOMBOOM! The dressing room next to mine has surely been taken over by a nightclub owner!! Actually it’s just Mr Dizzee Rascal playing some VERY loud tunes whilst getting ready for the day on Must Be The Music! Every morning during the audition shows this was Dizzee’s morning routine. It certainly woke us all up!

It’s been so lovely hanging out with all three judges during the first leg of the show. Dizzee is full of energy and made me laugh every day, Jamie Cullum is one of the sweetest people ever, and Sharleen Spiteri is the sort of woman I like, strong, ballsy and inspirational!

Jamie is definitely a kind soul but I did catch him stealing a cereal/yogurt combo pot from my room one morning! He’s so lovely I had to let him off. Not many would get away with this.

Sharleen has mostly been inspiring me to pick up a guitar again. I used to have lessons and got to a level where I could play a bit of a tune and feel quite satisfied about it. These days I can just about hold one. My specialities lie in the air guitar arena, but I must get back into it so I can be cool (or at least pretend I am) like Sharleen.

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The talent on Must Be The Music is incredible. I didn’t know who would walk through the door as the boundaries are so loose. Any instrument, any song, any age, rappers, rock bands, death metal, steel pans, solo drummers, choirs…..it was such a mixed bag and at times eye opening. The first audition show to find the best new music act in the country starts this Sunday 15th August on Sky1HD!!!!! I hope you enjoy!!!! The first show is packed! Some of my favorites are in there and I even quite embarrassingly cried during the first show! You’ll see why this Sunday!!!

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