Exclusive Interview: Jamie Cullum

Who is Jamie Cullum?

If he were an athlete, his stats would look great: Golden Globe, BRIT Award and Grammy nominee. Winner of BBC 2’s Artist of the Year in 2005. He’s sold millions of albums since his first album came out in 1999. His background is as a Jazz musician, which is timelessly cool.

So why had I not heard of him before six weeks ago?

You might say Cullum and I run in different musical circles. It’s the annoyingly school-age problem of socializing with those who share a common interest. Despite what I consider a diverse musical portfolio, I tend to shy away from “popular artists”. It is a bias that is both self-serving and, typically, worthwhile.

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Except when it prevents you from discovering artists who deserve the popularity they have achieved.

As a piano-playing, singer-songerwriter, the comparisons for Cullum are obvious: Harry Connick, Jr. and Ben Folds. It isn’t wholly inaccurate.

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