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Saturday 22nd May 2010 @ Colston Hall, Bristol

Tonight’s sold out show plays host to one of the UK’s biggest selling jazz artist of all time: Jamie Cullum has returned for his first UK tour since 2006 and it’s clear he is glad to be back. He bounces onto stage waving enthusiastically and looking suave in his smart attire before opening proceedings with I’m All Over It from his latest album, The Pursuit. This really gets the audience warmed up but with today being the hottest day of the year, heat isn’t the issue and Jamie is going to have work hard to keep this audience’s attention. This isn’t a problem at all though as the night really kicks into swing with a full band production of Just One Of Those Things, with phenomenal solos from Rory Simmons on trumpet and Tom Richards on saxophone leaving the audience in awe.

then as steps away from his piano to welcome his audience and reminds them of his boy-next-door charm. Within minutes everyone is laughing along to his explanations of the first three songs – break ups, loving being single and one night stands.

This now thirty-something musician springs around the stage like an energetic teen. His music is infused with energy too and his audience are toe-tapping and head-bopping along, occasionally roaring with applause for his piano solos. His looping of various vocal variations and beat-boxing all at once – his proof that men can multitask – goes down really well too. People also get really jigging in their seats as he plays a cover his did in the Radio 1 Live Lounge in 2004, Pharrell WilliamsFrontin’, tapping on the entirety of the piano for the drum beat.

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then surprises everyone as he jumps down off stage into the audience bringing his band with him for a rendition of Justin Timberlake’s Cry Me A River. Jamie gets everyone out of their seats and the audience tightly surround him as he raises himself up and performs a unplugged vocal rendition. Breaking the curfew by nearly half an hour, he explains he just can’t help but play on when he’s back home in Bristol.

With his larger-than-life character, it’s no wonder the audience were worshiping him (having completely forgotten about the nearly unbearable heat). Without doubt Cullum is one hell of a talented musician and truly adorable. A live act not to be missed!

Laura Palmer
Photos by Laura Palmer


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