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Hello from various places.

I have received a number of complaints from crotchety friends and family that I have become rather tardy lately in the posting of blogs. Apologies if you agree with them- and you should, because it’s true- but I would ask you to consider that, since my last blog, I have been involved in a sadistic jet lag experiment.

Jet lag is defined as ‘a temporary disruption of the body’s normal biological rhythms after high-speed air travel through several time zones’. The last few weeks have revealed a new form of jet lag to us, in which the body is not temporarily, but constantly disrupted. Starting in San Francisco, we flew for eleven hours to Japan (crossing the International Date Line), spent two days at the mind-blowing Fuji Rock festival, flew thirteen hours to New York (crossing the Date Line again) and several days later flew for six hours back England. Clearly, there was no time to adjust properly to any of the time zones visited, so I was resigned to just stumbling around and enjoying the ride.

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