Brad Webb’s New Blog from the Jamie Cullum Tour- Part 1 The South

19th July 2010
Greetings from the tour bus in the grounds of the very civilised Denver Botanical Gardens. After having had three blissful (Wimbledon and World Cup-filled) weeks off in Blighty, we are back on the road in the US again. We’re at the midway point of the tour now, having just finished a whirlwind stint of gigs down south. We been faced with some challenges, but ‘the South’ has shown us a great time.

Whilst it is a supremely hospitable place, there have been a few shocks to English systems. On arrival in Miami we were greeted by the extreme heat, which unnervingly bear hugs your entire body like a giant, tepid flannel. Being English, the only way I could respond to this sensation was to blather on in a banal way about what clothing I’d packed, followed by an appraisal of whether any of it was appropriate for ‘this heat’. With that out the way, we headed to South Beach’s 4th July celebrations, where more shocks lay in wait, this time of a cultural nature. It was of course the joyous, patriotic celebration one would expect- except it was done Florida-style. Men and women with impractical amounts of muscle waving flags surrounded us, burger joints served super-sized versions of their already vast portions in honour of the occasion and Margaritas were being consumed like mineral water. It was quite a welcome.

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