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One hypothesis: the last time he performed in Barcelona in late May, Jamie Cullum was lost, at least a dozen of concerts would have liked to see, because that same day in the Parc del Forum, Primavera Sound Festival assembled a remarkable collection of groups from the universe of indie pop and rock.  Another scenario: today, while acting in the Palau Cullum, the younger brother of Primavera Sound, Primavera Club, there will be a concert that will rage lost.

When the British singer and pianist Jamie Cullum came on the scene, the jazz world realized that Cullum was unlike any other.  And not for his skills as a vocalist and pianist, because neither the voice nor hands nor Cullum had-have-nothing extraordinary.  It was just a guy who played jazz but who liked other music.   Music liked by many people. Rock, pop, soul, hip-hop, popular music. And it showed.  That was extraordinary.

Their tastes made his banner, and thanks to that facility to connect the pop and jazz, Cullum is now an artist with VIP pass in both worlds.  Rubs shoulders with the usual charts and at the same time is one of the few young musicians headlining acts as a circuit, the jazz festivals, virtually cornered by the veterans.  Of Twentysomething, the album that launched him to fame, The Pursuit, published a year ago, little has changed in the background. . Jamie Cullum has won office, confidence and boldness, and each new album is more like the musician who was suspected that he wanted to be a reality: the enthusiasm of Cole Porter standards, but also a fan of Radiohead, the sensitive singer-songwriter, producer clever and put in black music audiophile.

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SCENIC TRICKS / Cullum moves with good instincts in the studio, but the difference in the direct brand.  His collection of stage tricks have limited the pop star and, of course, no jazz musician.  Since debuting at the Teatre Grec five years, we have been jumping on the piano, singing in the stands lung, imitating Clint Eastwood, tell jokes, good jokes, even about himself and become a human beatbox.  Whatever it takes to make a show enjoyable and friendly.

Jamie Cullum is proud of its status as entertainer and has made its concerts and maintain a scruffy teenager who favors him.  But for how long?  Last year at Cap Roig, days before he turned 30, said he did not know if I should keep singing Twentysomething (twenties), his candid plea for eternal youth.  In May, he sang and no one complained.  For now, he does not need to change.

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