Article: The ‘crooner’ of the new millennium

The Spanish tour of Jamie Cullum, the jazz prodigy arrives tomorrow to Valladolid


The breath of fresh air that is the presence of Jamie Cullum at the scene of more open vocal jazz was not only necessary but also has come profitable. Many, many years since he attended a sales phenomenon so powerful from the union of jazz and modern music. Perhaps since the time of Simply Red, the band left the witness who happened on 19th December? … It is clear that the 80 were plagued with formations and artists who flirted with jazz and modern jazz with either casual or essential. From Sting to Prefab Sprout through faithful to the genre artists like Style Council and the aforementioned band of Mick ‘Red’ Hucknall.

But what of Cullum’s another story. For starters, the British pianist / vocalist was between 10 and 12 when the soft-pop two decades ago the picture was jazz. And to continue, Cullum is not in the jazz by accident or by taking an exit ramp from Highway pop. Jamie Cullum is a jazz vocalist and luckily essentially has a dogmatic discipline ‘zero’ that lets you emulate a ‘crooner’ of the 40 as well as Rhianna version a topic or imitate the voice of Clint Eastwood in some concerts. Not to mention his lack of respect for jazz and pure scenery to see some of his concerts at times is like watching a runaway star of ‘rock’ defending the last encores.

Year and a half ago, Jamie Cullum was the surprise of the festival of San Sebastian Heineken Jazz Festival. Today, more than a surprise, Cullum is a star. And so find the sold-out concert at the Kursaal in San Sebastian Spanish tour closes on Sunday. In Valladolid things have a different pace. Especially for events that fall outside the media palate. It is not known if the sellout Polideportivo Huerta del Rey, all flag enclosure that does not augur a promising audition. But in any case, Cullum arrives tomorrow to Valladolid to promote one of the nights of the year framed part of the ‘Big Valladolid concert’ on the last night spent the best of Alice Cooper.

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Eclecticism and Class

‘The Pursuit’ is the album released last year that vertebra Cullum’s current tour. With a title taken from the novel by Nancy Mitfor ‘The Pursuit of Love’, this work has led to the final drive Cullum to international stardom. Together with their previous two references ‘Twenty somethin’ and ‘Catching Tales’ the young vocalist, pianist, composer … has sold almost seven million records. So much for these times. It is true that, to paraphrase the slogan of the film ‘The network’, do not sell 7 million copies without earn some enemies. And of course, jazz purists endorsed him four days ago were tearing their hair out when listening to songs like ‘Mixtape’ full of modern references that might do well to sign Keane or Coldplay tucked into a rhythm. There are always signs of fidelity to the aforementioned touch ‘crooner’ in the first half of the twentieth century as in “Just One of Those Things’ or agitator ‘You and I Are Gone’. Although this is not worth the orthodox, there is no doubt that these leads reflect the ability of elasticity and plasticity has Cullum good for to shine in different genera. Especially between styles sometimes far apart as is the jazz and pop standard.

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