Article in The Sun – Jamie collabs with Sander

LAST month I told you JAMIE CULLUM had recorded a track with house titan SANDER KLEINENBERG.

And now I have a world exclusive first look at the video for the song.

The promo sees Jamie busking while, in separate scenes, Sander works his magic on the wheels of steel.

It’s a great song and a brilliantly produced vid to match, with scenes of girls dancing in Jamie Cullum masks and an odd gritty/polished look to it.

I’m told it was shot with a camera that films 100,000 shots per second.

If you can do the maths on that one I’ll eat my skinny tie.

I caught up with Sander in Amsterdam before the launch party for his new LP 5K.

He explained the series of coincendences that led to his collaboration with Jamie Cullum.

The dance star told me: “A friend heard him on Danish radio saying he loves me. I sent him an email to say ‘Hey, I heard you were saying nice things about me, and we should hang out and do a track together.

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Leg-end … Sander Kleinenberg”This was three years ago. He invited me to a concert he was playing in Holland, we met up, hung out, got to know each other. I sent him some demos.

“And we had a few random meetings, including on a flight from Bangkok to Bali. I had a gig, he had a gig. It was surreal, because the Business Class section we were in was completely empty apart from us.

“We were like ‘This is so random, it’s a sign’. So I got back, started writing the album and I wrote Remember When. He recorded the vocals – it took me a few months to mix the track down.

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