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Smitten with a mixture of jazz, pop and swing the 31-year-old pianist Jamie Cullum his audience.  He is currently on tour in Germany.

Jamie Cullum: Excuse me very much the delay. This is usually not my style Lunch is a little heavy in my stomach. In addition, the half-bottle of wine … I hope I do not look all too ready?

WELT ONLINE: Of course not. Hope it tasted?

Cullum: It was excellent. We were in the Borchardt. Sorry, but I have not taken any celebrities …

WELT ONLINE: You know a lot about in Berlin. Finally, you were already in May this year in the capital. Why you are back on tour in Germany?

Cullum: I would absolutely come back here. For my album “The Pursuit” in Germany is very well received and has sold even better than back home in England. The last tour was completely sold out.

WELT ONLINE: Your current tour is almost sold out. Feel for even like a real pop star?

Cullum: No, not really.


Cullum: No, I feel like a musician that wish to see the people. Ein Popstar ist etwas anderes. A pop star’s different. We have neither an elaborate show, fireworks still on stage, and dancers. We broadcast only on video, do what the musicians on stage. This then is all.

WELT ONLINE: But the people come to your concerts. In England you will indeed have a “Beckham of jazz” means. Do you actually a nickname?

Cullum: Well, David Beckham is a great football player. I can only explain that people are suddenly interested in football by Beckham, who did not otherwise have. This is the same for many of my fans. Not really interested in listening to jazz, but still my music.

WELT ONLINE: Maybe it’s because you jazz musician in the true sense, no. Finally, combining jazz with pop and soul and are not afraid even before that, Rihanna interpret “Do not Stop The Music” on your way.

Cullum: Right. Before I came to jazz, I’ve played a long time in pop and rock bands. So it was natural for me to combine the all together.

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WELT ONLINE: Or would you simply can not decide between a music genre?

Cullum: I have to decide at all. Jazz music is like a sponge that can absorb all sorts of genres. Think you have to Miles Davis, the elements of funk, rock, jazz and hip hop combined.

WELT ONLINE: So you are already being referred to as a musical rebel. Again such a designation. Do you want to be a rebel?

Cullum: A rebel for me is someone who is tattooed all over, driving the motorcycle and other clichés. I do not like clichés. I want to be seen how I am. Through my music I’m just a little rebel. At the same time I am a friendly and good-natured type. Part of me is intelligent and sometimes I also just stupid things.

WELT ONLINE: When you do stupid things?

Cullum: Often! For example, after drinking half a bottle of wine and lunch shortly after going to an interview date (laughs)!

WELT ONLINE: OK, then let’s talk about your songs. These are often about unrequited love, or ways to change his life. How much of it is based on personal experience?

Cullum: It’s hard to say. The parts of me are fictitious in the rule that are happening only in my head. But of course I have experienced similar situations. Fantasy is always a bit more reality.

WELT ONLINE: In your song “Next Year Baby” it says: “I’m gonna call my Gran every Sunday”. Call for your grandmother every Sunday?

Cullum: Unfortunately it has last summer died. I had a very close relationship with her. Even as she was dying, I told her that I no longer could play this song.

WELT ONLINE: So the song that is still based on personal experience?

Cullum: Yes. It expresses how I feel at the end of the year. As I always tell myself that I will improve myself.

WELT ONLINE: What are your plans for the future? Would you change anything?

Cullum: I definitely want to record a new album, is because a lot of change even with me then. So it is with each album.

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