A thank you from Jamie to all his friends for an extraordinary year!!

Dear Friends,

I couldn’t come to the end of 2010 without thanking you all for being part of an extraordinary year. A good 14 months after the release of The Pursuit and your enthusiasm never seems to wane. I am truly blessed to have fans such as yourselves that come along to hear music played at all times of the year, in all weathers.

The Pursuit world tour has seen us visit many places, at so many of which I see familiar faces, many of you clutching gifts and well wishes. I am always stunned by your generosity and creativity in this area. I am sorry I cannot thank you individually but let me take this opportunity to thank you all for your gifts, letters, food and demo CDs throughout the year. I have played with/read/eaten and listened them on this journey all year with great pleasure and gratitude. I regularly feel so spoilt by you all and I only hope that the passion I pour into the gigs and the music goes a little way to say how I never take your fanship and friendship for granted.

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Between a world tour, a radio show, a tv show (and some other pretty huge personal milestones!) I am left at the close of 2010 with an even more intense hunger to make more music. I have so many new ideas to cram into a new record (or 2…..) and look forward to sharing the progress on that with you all sooner rather than later.

To those of you who we didn’t get to this year, I can only apologise. I ache every time I receive a twitter message from Mexico, Brazil and many others pleading for a gig – we will get to you! Thank you for your patience!

I shall be continuing my BBC Radio 2 show every Tuesday and regularly posting goodies and fun things (maybe some music) up on the website, the blog, facebook and twitter. 

Have a wonderful Christmas!

I remain yours, unfashionably grateful,


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